Photo by Cindy Dampier

Photo by Cindy Dampier

A writer sees the world, from giant corporations to small children, through the lens of story. An editor applies creative vision to choose the details to bring those stories to life.  With a little luck, I've built a world that combines the two, and adds visual skills and the ability to share what I see with an audience.  

THE Story

In classic kid-from-a-small-town style, I started with a supportive family and plenty of time to come up with crazy ideas — one of which was to work in magazines. I took that notion to journalism school in Miami, where a college want ad got me through the door at People magazine. There I found mentors, cut my reporting teeth and honed a few skills (including the ability to travel on assignment when you're not old enough to rent a car) while occasionally cutting class.  Fast forward through stories on serial killings, major trials, stray celebrities and an in-depth, on-the-ground education in the art of storytelling.  A move to Chicago offered the chance to lead human interest and news coverage in a 14-state region for People's audience of 28 million readers.  The city became home, and becoming an editor at the Chicago Tribune brought me into the world of design coverage, a lifelong fascination.  Starting from the viewpoint of a reader and a designer of my own space has given me clear insights into how my audience lives and the voice and presentation that best delivers the ideas they're looking for.  Today, I am raising my own family in a city apartment in a 100-year-old building, where I'm lucky enough to get to try out some of those crazy ideas, both in design and in creating stories of all sorts to share.

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